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In 2013, archery was having a moment. The hype around Hunger Games, Brave, et al got a younger generation of people familiar with the sport. The Archery Trade Association saw an opportunity to promote the sport and came to our team with a unique challenge: build a new generation of young archers throughout the United States. How do you encourage an audience that spends most of their time on their phones online to head outside and try a new sport? Meet them where they are: the digital space.

Content Marketing

I led design on this project for 2.5 years, producing over 300 pieces of unique social content.

We had a number of visual styles when we approached content on social. The best part about the work was that it was so fluid that we were literally testing and learning every day. We tried to make content that felt like it belonged in our audience's organic feeds.

Our engagement numbers were exceptionally high because we made authentic content that was truly about creating a sense of originality, community and expression. It also helped that I had a little sister who was 18 at the time.


Once we built a brand, it was time to active an engaged audience and actually get them off of their screens and into the physical sport.

ATA built a pretty comprehensive "archery finder" that enabled users to type in their zip code and be presented with a list of archery related resources in their area. It was my job to build a responsive web app with the sole call to action intending to convert users to physical stores.

Archery Showdown: Website and Contest

We conceptualized, designed and built a unique influencer campaign with two popular YouTube influencers, Dude Perfect & Britany Louise. We directed them to create their own archery videos and to compete against each other in an interactive Archery Showdown on the web. The videos received over 48 million views on YouTube and Facebook and the campaign broke all previous records for site visits for our client.


We built an organic community and got teenagers to go out in their community and find resources to get started in the sport.

Our content saw a staggering 8.38 % engagement rate and a lifetime reach of 7.5 million. As of January 2018, the community includes 150,000+ fans on Facebook and 27,500+ followers on Instagram.

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