Capital One Wallet


UX Design
UI Design - iOS


By the time I joined the Wallet team at Capital One, the product was mature and had 9 million users. There were many new features that were coming into the app and it began to feel disjointed and fragmented. I worked with Wallet Android designers to build a design system that brought consistency across the platform. There was also a need for a strong visual designer to build two new features.

Thin Wallet

After extensive empathy research and some lo-fi tests on dScout, we learned that our users were tired of having fat physical wallets and purses. We built a feature that used automatic image capture to digitize card. In the "Other Cards" tab in our app, they could access the scanned image of their uploaded cards, see gift card balances, use digital barcodes, and make notes for their cards.


We heard from users that they liked discounts and saving money but didn't like the hassle of it. We also learned that they have relationships with their stores. So we built a simple UI that harnessed the power of where our users shopped and provided unique and timely discounts based on their purchase history.


Both features saw great return usage and excellent engagement. In customer call-backs, we began to learn how they were utilizing the features in the wild and how it improved thier lives. The creation of the Wallet design system made the app more consistent and was a great cross-team tool in the handoff of design assets to developers.

In late 2017, Capital One Wallet was shut down and many features found homes in Capital One Mobile.

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